Blue Ribbon Fish

Blue Ribbon Fish offers an extensive selection of seafood products through ordering and fulfillment programs customizable for any customer.  Blue Ribbon proudly services retail fish shops, restaurants of all distinction, supermarkets, country clubs, hotels, and more.

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Our staff of friendly, experienced, knowledgeable salesmen are happy to identify the perfect product for each consumer.  Similarly, our external salesman strive to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationsips with local businesses to elevate the quality of seafood in the tri-state area.

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As the business is comprised of multiple harmonious departments, Blue Ribbon is able to cater to the needs of each customer.  Despite servicing hundreds, we seek to understand the niche of each customer in order to ensure that their priorities are met with every transaction.  Our different departments allow Blue Ribbon to offer whole fish and shellfish products as well as options for scaled, filleted, skinned, and/or portioned preparations.

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Decades-long relationships with the world's most sustainable and traditional fisheries ensures that Blue Ribbon's product is of the highest quality without harming natural ecosystems.

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